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Are your expectations pricing you out of your achievements?

Let me paint the scene.

You’ve been making great gains. You’ve developed some rhythm at the gym and you’re starting to feel stronger. The scales have finally started to shift and your waist measurement has decreased. Your clothes are fitting a little bit better and people are starting to notice the physical changes you’re making. It feels good to be noticed.

But after a while all of that starts to stop.

The rate of change on the scales has slowed down and your lifts don’t seem to be improving. It’s starting…

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What’s stopping you from achieving everything you could possibly want?

They say the hardest part is getting started and you know what? I tend to agree.

You can set all the lofty and ambitious goals you like. If you don’t even attempt to get going then you’ll never be able to realise them. But once you’ve committed to achieving positive change, where do you go from there?

Everyone’s goals and fitness journey will be unique to them. For the average person who just wants to feel a little bit better about themselves, our goals will all intersect at the brick…

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Understanding your “why” is the catalyst to taking control of your life

How you look shouldn’t dictate your happiness and there shouldn’t be a trade off to get it.

The most common reason for embracing fitness into your lifestyle is to look better. However ‘get fit’, ‘build muscle’ and ‘be more toned’ are surface level reasons for why we enter the gym environment, start lifting weights and taking our eating habits into consideration. What do they really mean?

That’s an uncomfortable thought isn’t it?

The internal reason why we want to start focusing on our fitness goals is actually pretty…

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Are you ready to get the rewards that your efforts deserve?

Achieving in fitness is pretty simple in theory but becomes much harder in application. Generally, once the decision has been made to go after the dream body or that goal PR, it’s mostly a case of efficiency that is making or breaking the end result.

This is where the downfall lies.

Most people lack the tools to get the job done and aren’t even aware of it. Leading to an endless cycle of questioning the outcome.

“I lose motivation so easily and I’m super inconsistent”

“Why is my friend…

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Being stuck at home for a couple weeks is a hard slog, try six months.

That’s us down in Victoria, Australia. We currently have the harshest lockdowns in the world. Aside from a period of 10 days in June, gyms haven’t been open for six months. The fitness industry is suffering and we don’t know when they’ll re-open. As a personal trainer, I don’t know when I’ll be going back to face to face work. I don’t know how many of my colleagues will still be in the industry in twelve months through no fault of their own. …

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As the Coronavirus continued to escalate over the past month, there was a lot of uncertainty growing in the fitness community.

I work out of a big box facility which boasts four and a half thousand members. At the busiest of hours, the gym can see hundreds of people moving within it, ranging from the free weight section and functional areas to group fitness and the ladies room upstairs.

Two weeks ago, the gym flow became subdued.

People began shying away from the gym. Monday evenings, the busiest of gym periods, looked more like a late Saturday night. One of…

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I don’t think anyone could have expected such a predicament.

Yet here we are.

The Coronavirus (or COVID-19 of which it will be referred to in this article) is the extremely serious health pandemic that has swept the globe. We are all in a spot of bother and we are all equal in the scenario. The rich and the poor, the celebrities and your everyday person. The disease does not discriminate.

Things have heated up very quickly and here in sometimes-sunny Melbourne and across Australia we are feeling it. As of this week as per government requirement, most businesses have…

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Stepping onto the scales can be a pretty daunting task and one that a lot of people can avoid out of fear and resent for the number it will reveal. For many, there is a negative emotional attachment to either a goal weight or the one you might be currently sitting on.

Last week on instagram I posted a series of polls relating to how people feel about the number they see on the scales, how often they weighed themselves and (if they weighed themselves at the gym) the point in which they weighed themselves. The results weren’t overly surprising.

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Motivation is fickle. It comes in waves. There will be times where everything is bang on and your motivation levels are sky high and adherence is impeccable. You wake up in the morning with a spring in your step, ready to tackle the day and smash your goals out of the park. Three or four training sessions a week are not just realistic but definite and your extra conscious about what food you are putting into your body.

On the contrary, there will be periods where training feels like a chore. The world’s worst chore. When work stress is not…

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The year is 2019 and if you ask me, the fitness industry as a whole is moving slowly but surely in the right direction. There’s a little more thought behind training and nutrition. Bad information is becoming more and more obvious. But we’re not out of the woods yet, there are still several common misconceptions that need addressing and matters that need reassurance.

It’s pretty well established now that while cardio is a tool for fat loss; however it is the safe and incomplete route. As time has gone on, it has become more apparent that weight training must be…

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Melbourne, Australia. U83kg Powerlifter. Anti-fitness Fitness Professional. IG — @axmls

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